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Attendance Policy


Saluda Elementary School recognizes that regular school attendance contributes to successful school achievement. Regular punctual patterns of attendance are expected of each student and staff member at SES. Days lost from school cannot be "made up" even if the classwork is completed, because there is no substitution for uninterrupted person to person contact between student and teacher. Attendance is a shared responsibility of the student, parent, and school personnel. 
Attendance Information 
Attendance Notices
If a student misses a day due to illness or family emergency, please send a note with your child to school the day of his/her return. Attendance notices will be sent to parents or guardians to inform you of days your child has missed. These notices will be sent out when your child has missed 3, 5, 7, and 10 days. The district board of trustees or designee shall approve or disapprove any student's absences in excess of 10 days, whether lawful or unlawful.
As absences delay student's progress, so does tardiness. It interrupts the teacher's routine and necessitates extra trips to the office to change attendance records. Any student coming into school after 8:00 am must report to the office for an admission slip to class. Any student is allowed 3 unexcused tardies during a school year. On the fourth and all subsequent tardies, students will be assigned after school detention. Parents or guardians will need to pick up students from detention at 4:00 pm.
Early Dismissal
As with student tardiness posing distractions, so do early dismissals. Only parents or guardians will be allowed to take a child from school unless otherwise specified. Proper ID is required. Students will be allowed to sign out early with no written appointment card three times. On the fourth and following early dismissals, the student will receive after school detention until 4:00 pm.